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First Valentine Tutu Set

First Valentine Tutu Set-Valentine's Day tutu set, baby tutu set, valentine tutu, red and pink tutu set, First Valentine's Day
First Valentine Tutu Set

So precious! You can purchase the tutu and shirt alone or all 4-pieces which includes tutu, shirt, legwarmers, and flower headband. The legwarmers are one size and measure approximately 12" long and the crochet headband is 1.5" wide.

If you would like the set, but not for a First Valentine's Day, the "Be My Valentine" design will be used instead, but will be in pink/ red colors shown here:;rANltGw4KkxTauv4uy6Z4hrzvc55PJo4DMs~-.bps.a.137846212941820/818040818255686/?type=1&theater

If you choose the romper, the design will be added on bottom as well. If you choose the shirt, you can add bloomers to the set with the design on bottom. To see a photo of back of romper with design, please click here:;rANltGw4KkxTauv4uy6Z4hrzvc55PJo4DMs~-.bps.a.137846212941820/818040824922352/?type=1&theater

To see the set without the legwarmers, please click here:;rANltGw4KkxTauv4uy6Z4hrzvc55PJo4DMs~-.bps.a.137846212941820/818040834922351/?type=1&theater

Tutu Measurements;

0-6M: 15" circumference at waist and 6" long

6-12M: 16" in circumference at waist and 8" long

1-2: 17" in circumference at waist and 9" long

2-3: 19" in circumference at wasit and 10" long

3-4: 20" in circumference at waist and 11" long

5-6: 22" in circumference at waist and 12" long

*The waist is elastic and will stretch 4-5" comfortably.

Bloomer Sizes:

Size 1 (0-6 mo) up to approx 18 lbs
Size 2 (6-12 mo) up to approx 22 lbs
Size 3 (12-18 mo) up to approx 26 lbs
Size 4 (18-24 mo) up to approx 29 lbs
Size 5 (3 Toddler) up to approx 34 lbs
Size 6 (4 Toddler) up to approx 38 lbs 

Shirt Style:
Set Items:
Shirt/ Romper Size:
Tutu Size:
Shirt Design:


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